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Welcome to The Rock Annand Group resource center. Here you will find an ever-increasing store of thought leadership articles and case studies devoted to the challenges that B2B marketers face in creating and executing go-to-market programs that deliver new client opportunities.

News and Events

Rock Annand in the News:

The Rock Annand Group announces “The Ultimate ‘Live in 45’ Lead Nurturing Program”, Press Release, October 17, 2011

Henry Bruce, President, The Rock Annand Group to present, “Better Lead Nurturing Techniques,” at CRM Evolution 2011 Conference in NYC, August 10, 2011. Read press release.

“Lead Nurturing Comes of Age: Where to Start?”, Opinion, Best Practices in Software Sales & Marketing December 14, 2010

“Marketing Automation Part 2: What It Is and What It Should Be”, Ann Grackin, ChainLink Research, June 15, 2010. What is Marketing Automation and who will smash the traditional market concepts of marketing and sales solutions?

“Demand Management in the Second Decade: A Structured View”, Ann Grackin, ChainLink Research. March 23, 2010.

“Industry Analysts Predict Increased Adoption, Sophistication For Automation In 2010″, Andrew Gaffney, DemandGen Report, December 15, 2009

“Demand Gen Experts Suggest Shifting Campaign Strategies to Create Prospect Dialog in 2009″, Andrew Gaffney, DemandGen Report, January 7, 2009

Rock Annand Events

BrightTalk Webinar:  “Creating a Winning Lead Nurturing Strategy in 90 Days”, August 11, 2011. View this recorded webinar now.

DemandGen Report Webinar: “Science of Converting More Leads into Deals”, 6/28/11,  Listen to Part 6 of the Hubspot Lead Generation Quick Start Series

Focus Marketing Roundtable: “Definition of Marketing Automation Success and How to Get There”, 5/12/11. Listen here.

Focus Marketing Roundtable: “How to Achieve a Productive Demand Chain”, 2/24/11. Listen here.

Marketing Automation Monday – Boston January 31, 2011, Lead Nurturing Tips from MA Monday Boston 1/31/11

Marketing Automation Monday – New York City December 6, 2010, Lead Nurturing Tips from MA Monday NYC 12/6/10

Thought Leadership Articles

Lead Nurturing Series:

Part 1:  Making The Case For Lead Management and Lead Nurturing Programs

Part 2:  Lead Nurturing:  Where Do B2B Marketers Start?

Part 3:  Lead Nurturing:  Moving Your Company From Average To Good

Part 4: Lead Nurturing:  Moving Your Company From Good To Best

Podcasts and Videos:

Case Study: Conquering unqualified leads transformed a costly multi-media campaign into a revenue generator.  The entire podcast interview can be heard here.

Case Study: In less than 90 days a program focused on “dead leads” brings in $100,000 in closed sales and 150% increase in pipeline. The entire podcast interview can be heard here.


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