Strategy/Program Development & Outsourced Marketing Director Services

Software technology clients hire The Rock Annand Group when they’re looking for a go-to-market program with a quick return on investment or for someone to turn around the entire marketing program on an interim or long-term basis.

Strategy and Program Development Services

Buyers and influencers today care about solving their problem and reaching their goals – not about your product per se. For the vast majority of prospects who are not yet ready to buy, technology leaders must connect regularly with compelling content on issues that matter to their prospects.

Your 60-day strategic turnaround begins with analysis of how the target audience views their problem and how they prefer to see it solved. We develop messaging that not only appeals strongly to your prospective buyers but also handles their concerns and objections.

Then, with a customized automated leads handling process that qualifies whether or not leads are sales ready, your sales force can focus on those likeliest to buy, while marketing nurtures those with a longer purchase horizon.

  • Analysis of current and projected market opportunities so as to stake out an ambitious yet feasible client acquisition strategy
  • Positioning that creates clear differentiation from other players in the client’s niche
  • Development of sales/marketing infrastructure using automated lead handling that sends high-readiness leads to sales and routes low-readiness leads to marketing for long-term nurturing
  • Quick-start program that rolls out your first automated campaign with quantifiable results
  • Multi-channel thought leadership campaigns with content that positions your firm as a trusted advisor for your target audience by communicating about themes and challenges that matter greatly to them
  • Performance-based measurement of results, quantifying conversion rates and return on marketing investment

As a Rock Annand client, you can expect these kinds of results:

  • The number of leads increases, as does conversion to buyers
  • No more wasteful manual effort in qualifying and managing leads
  • Whether qualified or less qualified, leads no longer fall by the wayside
  • Sales and marketing cooperate more efficiently, enabling the same budget to accomplish much more
  • Trust and regard for your company improve in the minds of buyers, influencers, analysts and industry journalists
  • Measurable results come quickly, within 60 days

Outsourced Marketing Director Services

Need more in-depth marketing direction? You can bring in The Rock Annand Group’s founder Henry Bruce as a member of your executive team for 6 months or more. He’ll work closely with your sales and marketing team to ensure a sound strategy for program development and to oversee results-driven implementation.

Benefits of hiring The Rock Annand Group as an outsourced marketing director include:

  • All the benefits of the high-impact client acquisition programs and market-smart strategies indicated above, without having to hire a costly marketing executive
  • Guidance toward what works from 30+ years of market and industry experience, along with mentoring of the marketing and management team on the relationship marketing model and practices
  • Tightly integrated marketing programs that yield better results than from farming out discrete client acquisition tasks
  • Efficient use of scarce company resources as a company grows or moves through a transition

Whether you prefer a 60-day strategic turnaround or a longer-term relationship, you can expect keen insights, strategic recommendations keyed to your market situation and goals, proven tactics appropriate for the software industry and assistance with fast implementation.

Learn more about realigning your organization for a never-ending stream of sales-ready leads.

Contact us for a free, candid critique of a current marketing program or to discuss your company’s challenges and needs. Subscribe to my blog, The Relationship Marketer.

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