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New – inaugural program starts November 1, 2011. Attendance is limited to 12 people so act now to reserve your spot. 



Are you looking for a sure-fire approach for a lead nurturing program that you can implement right now, that will have you live in 45 days and is proven to produce quantifiable results in less than 90 days? Results might consist of finding and closing $100,000+ of new business from “dead leads” that sales overlooked, and doubling the number of marketing qualified opportunities passed to the sales team.

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by all the articles, blog posts and webcasts from all the experts that answer the “what and why”, but not the “how” with step-by-step instruction?

The “Ultimate ‘Live in 45’ Lead Nurturing Program” is a 6-week guided implementation program that delivers:

  • A detailed, step-by-step implementation process that has you and your team ready to execute the first campaign in 45 days. Guaranteed.
  • An actual lead nurturing campaign that is personalized and tailored to your current situation, whether you’re new to lead nurturing or an experienced marketer.
  • Quantifiable results and qualified opportunities that wow your sales team and make marketing matter to company executives.
  • A proven lead nurturing approach using the acclaimed “Live in 45” system that has you cranking out winning campaigns every quarter without fail.

If you have attended my Lead Nurturing webcasts, read my articles and blog posts and listened to the client case study podcasts, you know that my programs and “Live in 45” system delivers results that speak for themselves.

“Rock Annand’s approach and programs provide valuable information for prospects as they enter the sales cycle. This creates a smarter buyer and accelerates the sales cycle. These programs doubled our sales pipeline with qualified opportunities and generated over $300,000 in new business in less than 6 months.” – Bob Hoyt, Former CEO, Axentis and Curl Corporation”

The “Ultimate ‘Live in 45’ Lead Nurturing Program” takes decades of B2B sales and marketing experience and countless client campaigns and packages them into one set of 6 action-oriented sessions that unlock the secrets for lead management success.

Over 6 weeks, you execute a complete lead nurturing campaign from start to finish so it is ready to launch. Some more examples of clients who have seen the power of the “Live in 45” system:

  • A financial services brokerage software company developed automated lead nurturing campaigns with the “Live in 45” system that yielded sales-ready opportunities valued at over $100,000 that closed within 45 days. Marketing qualified opportunities doubled within 90 days and the sales pipeline grew by over 150% within six months.
  • A cloud-based transportation management software company, following the “Live in 45” system increased leads 300% without increasing marketing spend; multiplied permission-based contacts 500% in two years; and eliminated cold calling and increased close rates by focusing sales on sales–ready opportunities.

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What will I get from the program?
What is the program format?
Who should attend?
How much does it cost?
Detailed program outline
Frequently asked questions


What will I get from the program?

You will implement a winning lead management strategy that employs the most efficient tactics to keep your team focused and your project on track, on time, on budget, ready to execute in 45 days … or less! Here is what you get:

  • The quick start approach that takes you from 0 to 60 in 6 weeks, regardless of current skill level, content condition and marketing automation tools.
  • The sure-fire “Live in 45” system for developing and executing one new “theme-based” lead generation and nurturing program every quarter.
  • The tactics to employ and not employ in creating a demand generation model that works best for your company.
  • Expert, time-saving techniques to fine tune existing lead management efforts to increase execution performance and enhance content creation and utilization skills.
  • A GPS roadmap for aligning lead generation efforts at the top of the funnel with outbound campaigns to optimize qualifying and conversion tactics through the middle of the funnel.
  • The secrets to working the numbers that matter: 45/60/90. “Live in 45” days — executing the 60 day turnaround — delivering ROI in 90 days or less.

What is the program and format?

It is my acclaimed “Live in 45” system employed in all my client engagements that establishes the foundation for implementing a winning demand generation strategy.

  • Six weekly sessions, in carefully scripted 90-minute live webcasts, that describe the specific, practical steps needed to construct an effective lead nurturing program for your company.
  • Between sessions, you perform the implementation steps that take you one step closer to a finished lead generation and lead management program.
  • I will review your completed project work each week and provide personal feedback and tweaking to keep your efforts on track.
  • A private one-hour consultation with me at anytime during the 6 weeks or in the first 30-days after the last session.
  • The first session starts November 1st at 2pm ET and continues every Tuesday at 2pm through December 6th.

Who should attend?

Marketing programs leaders, demand generation specialists and anyone else who owns lead development programs and want to:

  • Develop and execute a proven demand generation strategy and program that produces results that matter to sales and pleases their bosses.
  • Simplify lead nurturing programs and execute efficiently and effectively to dramatically increase qualified opportunities for sales.
  • Streamline the steps needed to execute campaigns faster to see what tactics and content engage buyers and what does not.
  • Stretch limited budgets and work smarter to deliver greater results from the resources you have.

CMOs, VP/Directors of Marketing who want to:

  • Optimize existing marketing investments in people, content, inbound lead generation programs and sales and marketing tools (e.g. CRM, Marketing Automation)
  • Focus their teams on processes and programs that deliver what sales wants and what Senior Executives expect from marketing
  • Integrate inbound lead generation with outbound lead management to dramatically increase qualified opportunities and build stronger pipelines

What does it cost?

To sum up, I provide you a “GPS roadmap” delivered weekly by me, loaded with action-packed instruction that directs you in the implementation of each week’s project tasks and activities. I couple that with weekly personalized feedback on your program progress and completed project work, so you develop and execute an effective program that was previously only available to Rock Annand Group clients through regular engagements costing tens of thousands of dollars. The actual documents, resources, services and coaching that you will receive are:

  • Week-by-week project plan of what to do and when, to have you ready to launch your lead nurturing program by year-end.
  • Each week’s presentation slides including instructional notes and coaching tips for properly completing that session’s task.
  • Personal feedback on submitted implementation project tasks to let you know if you’re off base or right on track.
  • Examples of campaign content components that represent good practices to follow and bad ones to avoid, including emails, whitepapers, webinars, articles, landing pages and third party resources and content.
  • Plenty of articles and supplemental resources from the experts I follow and apply to my engagements.
  • Membership in the Rock Annand Group’s private Marketing Action Program Group that only clients and alumni of this program can join to participate in community Q&A discussion with your peers.
  • A one hour private consultation with me anytime during the six week program or within 30 days after the program concludes.

All of the above, plus the 9+ hours of no-travel-necessary class sessions costs only $1,997. Reserve your spot now

This is a pilot program, never before offered, that is open to the first 12 people who register now for the November 1st kickoff session. There are currently no plans to repeat this program in the future so act now to reserve your spot in this exclusive program.

Program Outline:

Week 1: Program Strategy Process

  • Define overall campaign strategy
  • Define goals, objectives, key metrics and ROI justification
  • Demonstrating thought leadership: what it is and what it is not
  • The problem(s) you solve and key themes to stress
  • Alignment with the sales team

Week 2: Program Planning Process

  • Define program components
  • The Team: define roles and responsibilities
  • Focusing on one theme for 90 days
  • Content strategy, “offer” tactics, target audience
  • Develop project plan – the next 45-60 days

Week 3: Program Development Process Part 1

  • Define 1st campaign components
  • Define content candidates, offers and call-to-action
  • Emails, landing pages, qualified contacts and database

Week 4: Program Development Process Part 2

  • Define the ideal client profile
  • Lead qualification and filtering process
  • Lead scoring and routing
  • Determine launch day and follow up process

Week 5: Program Development Process Part 3

  • The testing process
  • What to adjust and what to ignore
  • Review all contingencies and communicate to team, sales, management

Week 6: Program Launch Process

  • Final preparations to launch day
  • What to expect and what not to expect
  • How to communicate results
  • What comes next? The next 45-60 days


Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this different from other marketing seminars, webcasts and training programs?
This is a strategy and implementation program that describes the practical steps that participants need to take to construct an actual lead nurturing program that can launch after 45 days. Most marketing seminars and training programs focus on the “what and whys” of lead management and don’t provide the details of “how”. Realistically, program participants will have a lead nurturing program ready to go live by the end of December.

Why six weeks with 90-minute sessions vs. a 2-day seminar?
This is a guided implementation program that takes you week-by-week and step-by-step through the activities you will need to complete to be ready to launch your first campaign. My “Live in 45” system incorporates the weekly assignments with my personalized instruction and feedback to ensure you stay on track and ready to launch in six weeks. This has proven successful countless times for clients, regardless of company and marketing department size and budget.

I am already doing lead nurturing so why should I attend?
Most of my clients and webcast attendees are experienced B2B marketers who have been executing comprehensive demand generation programs for some time. However, they often complain of their difficulties in realizing tangible results that keep pace with executive and sales team expectations. The “Live in 45” system focuses on the elements that are essential and those that are not to ensure effective lead nurturing programs. Experienced marketers will benefit from the real-world examples of tactics presented each week that have been employed repeatedly to generate results.

We are not doing lead nurturing now so why should I attend?
Research from the top B2B sales and marketing think tanks such as Sirius Decisions, Forrester and Gartner provide the statistics and business for why lead nurturing is a must-do program to compete successfully today. It’s my experience and observation that the lack of a solid lead nurturing program is a sign of skepticism and concern that making the commitment requires too much preparation in terms of available resources, training and content development, to name a few. Many of my clients had no prior experience and training, had a small marketing staff (how about only 1 person?), had no marketing automation tools and minimal content beyond brochures and “old” white papers. One of these clients successfully implemented the “Live in 45 “ system in just 22 days from kickoff to launch, including a whole new marketing automation system that we tied into

What more do I get from this program that I can’t get from your webcasts on this topic?
You will get the detailed instruction that guides you through the implementation of my “Live in 45” system, with the actual step-by-step tasks to complete coupled with personal feedback on your progress in effectively building your lead nurturing program.

I’m interested, but have other commitments that will prevent me from starting this fall. Will this be offered again next year?
This is a one-time exclusive program offering. There are currently no plans to offer it again in the future.

What if I need additional assistance beyond the weekly sessions, homework, etc.?
The program has been designed to provide substantial instruction and group and personal feedback, plus the one-hour private consultation available at any point during the program or within 30 days at the program completion. Additional one hour consultations are available for $250 per hour. This represents a 33% discount from regular consulting rates.

What if I miss a session? How can I make up/keep up with the work?
Each week’s instructional slides and notes will be provided for self-guided review. In addition, you will have a one hour private consultation that can be used for reviewing any missed sessions and personalized feedback and Q&A.

Got a question I’ve not answered?
There are always questions that require special attention. Please contact me at
or call me direct at 203-870-9076.

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