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Stratford, CT – For many software and B2B marketers these days, blogs, tweets, webcasts and videos add up to little but effort and frustration. According to marketing strategist Henry Bruce, the missing ingredient is a systematic, measurable approach that reliably generates leads, qualifies them and follows up with them in an appealing and effective fashion. Aware that budgets are limited in a tight economy, Mr. Bruce is rolling out a one-time, group-learning version of his acclaimed “Live in 45” lead nurturing system.

“Scattershot marketing brings little or no results,” says Henry Bruce, president of The Rock Annand Group and presenter of “The Ultimate ‘Live in 45’ Lead Nurturing Program,” which begins November 1 ( “But if you line up all the right elements in a well-orchestrated program, you generate leads from the right audience, separate the unserious from the truly interested people and keep them engaged as you present them opportunities to buy. All along the way you’re watching and measuring so you get the greatest results not only this time, but in the future as well.”

Bruce’s “Live in 45” strategy and implementation program takes place in six weekly webcasts that each describe the specific, practical steps participants need to take to construct an effective lead nurturing program for their company. Between sessions, participants perform a homework assignment that takes them one step closer to a finished lead generation and lead management program. They submit their homework to Bruce for personal feedback and tweaking, and also have the benefit of a private one-hour consultation with him.

“Realistically, program participants will be ready to launch their lead nurturing program as of the first of the year, and understand how to repeat and modify it as needed in future,” Bruce says. The all-inclusive program fee is $1997.
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The Rock Annand Group ( is a B2B marketing and sales consultancy focused on client acquisition and retention strategies for high tech companies. Henry Bruce, President and Founder, is a passionate strategist with over 30 years of marketing, technology and senior management experience. As both a services provider and an in-house marketing executive, he has played a transformative role in driving software marketing and sales programs that achieve the desired results and that synergistically align sales and marketing operations. Rock Annand clients include such industry leaders as AlphaTrust, ChainLink Research, Curl Corporation, EdgeTrade, IMI Americas, Lean Logistics, Optum, Scivantage and SupplyPro.

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