An Inside Look at B2BCamp Boston Keynote Speaker Mike Bosworth

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B2BCamp Boston is this Saturday 9/29 and runs from 8 am to 2:30 pm. Have you registered yet? There’s still time and if you are really brave and want to present, you can still submit a session for consideration. The deadline for submission is 9am Saturday!

I’m really pumped for this as the democratic and all-volunteer format means that all who attend (we call you participants) decide what will be presented. As of this morning we have over 115 registered and 15 sessions submitted for consideration. We expect a large turnout and great content … check out who is coming and the sessions.

Besides some great sessions, our keynote is the legendary Mike Bosworth. If you’ve been around B2B sales for any length of time,
you’ve probably heard the name Mike Bosworth and his groundbreaking book Solution Selling. Mike is considered one of the pioneers of the B2B sales training model, including Solution Selling and Customer Centric Selling, but his newest project has turned everything we learned in those books and programs on its head.

As Mike explains in this Selling Power guest blog post, When I first got into training in the late 70’s, my mission was to help the salespeople who struggled the most: the bottom 80%. In 2008, however, I got some very disappointing news: the Sales Benchmark Index reported that after all these years, despite the efforts of all the sales methodology companies, (including my own Solution Selling and CustomerCentric Selling methodologies) the 80/20 rule had gotten worse. It was now 87/13!” Read more.

With that, the new program was born. As Mike explains on his web site, StoryLeaders™ was founded to provide insight into the greatest mystery in sales: how the very best salespeople consistently and successfully influence change in others, inspiring their customers to say yes. Top-performing salespeople have always had a knack for forging the types of connections that foster collaboration and the reciprocal sharing of ideas and beliefs. Connections that can move people to change.

Having gone through both Solution Selling and StoryLeaders myself, I am excited to have Mike keynote our first B2BCamp in Boston. The StoryLeaders program addresses the one key component that Solution Selling and the others do not: what makes some sales people so much more effective than others?

You won’t want to miss Mike speak on Saturday 9/29.

Watch this short video of Mike explaining the importance of making connection first.

Register NOW!

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